Nov 18
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Explaining the unexplained

Explaining the Unexplained

The unexplained. The unexplained is a curious thing. No one knows what it is or what it does. Well it does many things. The reports of ghosts, time travel, haunted places, are all the unexplained. People will scoff at the unexplained. Point fingers at the believers, laugh in their face, tell them that their imagination is running wild again. But they are exactly right. The unexplainable is imagination. It could not exist without imagination. Imagination makes up half of it. We have to imagine, to see the unexplained. What happens after you die? Unexplained. But we imagine what happens, that is why we see the ghosts. They are drawn to our energy, our imagination. That is why they appear. But it's not just imagination. It’s not completely all in your head. Only half of it is. They feed on imagination. That is how they appear. They are real. Just unexplained. They don’t make sense. Our brains can not comprehend the unexplained. That is why we flee to our imaginations to help with the unexplained. But what happens if we don’t go to our imaginations when we experience the unexplained. Well that is when we start procrastinating. We keep telling ourselves that there is nothing there. We never saw anything. Our eyes are deceiving us. All these things we tell ourselves. But are they true? Is it all just in our head? That is where we stop knowing. Where things are unexplainable.   
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