Nov 18
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Museum Robbery

    It was a nice summer morning, and John was drinking his coffee until he heard his phone ring. Mark was on the phone. John picks up the phone. “Hello, Mark! What are you doing, calling me so early?”

    “It’s crazy, John! A professional robber would like to hire me to rob a museum!” said Mark, thinking John would take it seriously.

    Of course, John wasn’t taking it seriously, and he wasn’t having any of it. “Mark, jokes are at noon.”

    “It isn’t a joke, someone really hired me to rob a museum.”

    “I’ll believe you when my damaged bucket fills up with water, Mark. Let me drink my coffee without interruptions.”

    “I can bring you with me and show you. Come on, drive over!”

    “Fine,” sighed John. “But if this is a prank, don’t expect me to forgive you this week.” John hangs up.
    John is driving over to Mark’s house. He gets to his house, and Mark is sitting by his front door. He gets up and passes a black box to him. He opens it up, and he finds a note inside. He reads the note. “Hey, I heard you are interested in crime. Why not experience it yourself and come down to (Location)? We’re planning on robbing a museum, want to come down and help rob it with us?”

    The handwriting looks nothing like Mark’s. He was actually being hired by a professional thief! “Okay, I’ll rob it with you. But remember, it’s your fault if we end up belind bars.”
    At the museum, Dan the robber runs, jumps, and steals the golden chandelier from the roof! Of course, this set the guards off. They ran at him with batons and yelled for him to halt. He lost the guards in seconds, then gave John and Mark the sign to start stealing the other valuable things. Many valuables flew into the bag. John, Mark and Dan darted out the door and into the car. Instead of bolting back home, Dan drove the car into another person’s parking lot. He ran around to the backyard and told John and Mark to do the same. The police broke into the house, and to their surprise, nobody was there. They ended up getting away, and they moved to another country a few weeks later. What they did that day was unbelievable.
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