Nov 19
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This One's For My Family

Although it may be cliché, during this time of year is when most, including myself, reflect on what they are grateful for. Yes, what I’m grateful for may sound like the generic commercials and blanket statements made by some just to avoid the real reflection, but so what. I’m saying that I am grateful for my family because it's true. I’m not picking the first thing that pops into my head, or the easiest answer to explain, I am choosing the truth. But I am not one to hastily answer and move on, I am one to think, ponder, review, and scrutinize every piece of information. I will give it to you straight. I am thankful for my family because of their love, positivity, and determination. I am grateful for the way my parents push me to be my best and the way my sister gives me laughs along the way. I am grateful for my family’s support, encouragement, and excitement they bring to everything I do. I am thankful that there is never a dull moment with my family. I want to thank them for everything, big, and more importantly, small. The way they smile when they get home from school or work and the way we all say goodnight before we shut our eyes. Yes, it may be “basic” to say I’m grateful for my family and their endless love, but so what? It’s true.

This one’s for you.