Nov 19
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Remote vs. in Person 

 Remote learning or at school learning? I have done both, even a hybrid. Covid-19 has caused some interesting adaptations to normal life. But in my opinion, being at school is better and I’ll tell you why. There are many factors, who you're at school with, how much work you have, and how important the work is.

    First, who you’re at school with people you don't get along with, don't know, or don't like that can be super annoying and boring. So you would probably prefer staying at home if you are in class with people you don't like. On the other hand though, if you’re at school with your friends and people you like you will have a much better time at school then at home. So It is really dependent on the people in your class, especially for our generation, most of us are very social. 

    Second, if you have lots of work to do or you are behind in a class I have found that it's easier to focus and get your work done at home. You can get it done much faster too. So if you want to get your work done it's better to stay home. Although, if your school doesn't give out much work, like mine, and you can get all done without much extra stress, then you can stay in school. Also if you get your homework done in class you can then have more time at home and in school to relax and enjoy life a little. 

    Third, if the work is super stressful and really important like studying for a test or exams, staying at home would probably be easier because that way you can focus and get the most amount of work done without getting distracted. If you're not stressed then you don't have to worry about it and you can spend time with your friends.

    So in my opinion I think school is better because the people in my class aren't super annoying and I know all of them, and who doesn’t love to spend more time with their friends. Also the work I get isn’t super stressful and there isn’t that much of it, so I like school better. Lastly we aren't studying for any big tests or anything so I definitely like to go to school.   

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