Nov 20
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The exploding person

On june 3rd of 2043, it was the middle of the summer. Everyone was having fun on the beach, making sand castles and having picnics, except for me. I am the one kid who was smart enough to stay indoors on that hot sunny summer day. The day was going normally enough until the afternoon news came on.

“Hello this is John from radio station #32 where we give you the news. If you are so lonely at home try making friends on the beach or try surfing, they have this great camp on the beach side that is teaching people everything about surfing. Now onto the news portion. There is a young boy that has a weird marking on his back, he washed up here 20 minutes ago and life guards are trying to see if he is ok.” The tv goes off. 

“You can't just stay in here forever mark. You need some sunshine, go outdoors” Fin says.

“I don't want to,” I say

“Fine i'm going out to get a hotdog”

“Bye,” I switch the tv back on.

“Officials say that the young boy who washed up on the beach is now ok, but they say that he is becoming increasingly aggressive *muffled* get him on camera,” John says. The camera then goes to this young boy who looks like he's been dragged across the devils backyard a couple times. He's cut in multiple places and looks angry. 

“Ok and that will b-” 

“Tick tick tick tick…boom” suddenly the boy is ripped apart and his blood gets on everyone. 

“Aaaaaaaahh,” A few hours later there are over 12 cases of people just blowing up, police say to stay inside and to not let anyone in because they could be planting bombs. But little do they know, their world just got a new doomsday timer.

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