Thanksgiving With The Marcus’s

“Zina! Please set the table. Our family will be here soon!” mom said impatiently as she rushed around the house.

“Mom, don’t worry. I can handle everything.” I said in a reassuring tone. 

“Your dad is getting the turkey, I am cooking, Olive is on her phone doing nothing and you are trying to help in too many ways.” mom said, sounding stressed.

“I will go set the table and clean the living room.” I said as I grabbed everything I needed. I can’t wait to see what Christmas is like. I mumbled to myself sarcastically. There isn’t a big feast though, so maybe it will be easier.  

    “You better be working Zina!!!” my mom yelled.

 “I am mom. Don’t worry!” I said, sounding a bit frustrated. As I wiped down the living room, I noticed that my lazy sister was asleep as usual. Then her phone buzzed. I suspected that she would check it, but she was too deep into her slumber. I put down my rag and spray,  picked up her phone and it was from her friend Ana. I read the text and it said…

    The text said to sneak out tonight to go to a party. I quickly ran to mom and showed her. Mom marched in and shook her awake. She was furious! 

“What is this text, young lady?!” Mom asked as her face turned red. 

 “What text?” Olive, my sister said innocently. “ I was sleeping.”

 “It is from Ana! Read it!” My Mom yelled. She typed on her phone and handed it back to mom. The text read “We should not sneak out and that they should take a little break from being friends.”

 Mom's face lightened and smiled. “Good girl. Now I need some help!” she said happily. I ran over and finished wiping down the tables in the living room and then I started sweeping.

    When I was finally finished, I walked  into the kitchen. It smelled marvelous! I checked the time and the guests should arrive in about thirty minutes. Everything was clean and perfect; definitely ready for the party! My mom told me to go up stairs and get my Thanksgiving dress on. It was army green with orange and red leaves.  My sister had the matching one on.

     Guests started arriving and there was a lot of noisy chatter.   I loved watching the cars pull in. I was a bit disappointed when one of my favorite cousins hadn’t arrived yet. I sat on the couch and let out a sigh. Then My cousin Tina walked in. Tiny white snowflakes in her brown hair that melted in seconds. “ Did someone say there was a party?” she asked, smiling.  I ran over and hugged her. Her freezing cold blue coat on my bare arms. My mom was so happy that everything was going well. Her hair was done up in a bun that looked fancy. My daddy put on his party clothes and my sister had painted her face with makeup as usual. All the guests had arrived and no one got lost! There was a lot of green, red, and orange clothing. That really reminded me of Fall. I love those colors and I love Fall.

     Tonight went better than usual and I am proud of my mom, daddy, sister, and me! We finally did it. A perfect Thanksgiving party throne by the Marcus’s's picture
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