Nov 20
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Leif's Mad Libs

As Rey and BB8 walked along the adjective dessert, they felt an adjective breeze blow on their part of your face. BB8 said something that Rey translated as ”Those adjective nouns are trying to catch us.”  Rey looked behind them and saw a noun with a huge weapon . BB8 and Rey verbed away from it. After they had verb at 20 nouns, they decided to stop. “ I verb like the element  when a animal  is  verb ending in ing me.” said Rey.

    Meanwhile, Leia and the resistance would not  verb until they found Rey and BB8. They had even way of communication all of the jedi, telling them to search all of continent to find them. Leia way of communication Luke to tell him to release the animal and let its adjective nose find Ray and BB8.  Luke gave the same animal instructions about how to find BB8 and Rey. After a measurement of time, the adjective creature found a scent, and started verb ending in ing it like a dog chasing an animal.  measurement of time later, they came out of the adjective woods, and saw a adjective noun, the track of a same noun as the first one. Luke and the adjective creature ran after the fresh tracks.

    Rey and BB8 were in a noun. The creatures that were chasing them, had trapped them.  ‘Random sentence” said Rey soothingly. “ You can leave us alone.”     The evil hearted creatures expression at them, and one of them launched forward at rey. Rey was only saved, because BB8 shot a color burst of lightning at it, disintegrating its face. Number over one more flung themselves at  Rey and BB8, but this time they were ready. Rey thwacked one in the head, making a sound  sound.  BB8’s zapper hadn’t recharged yet, so he used his hook to trip them. “Random sentence! “  Yelled Rey “you shall  die”.  Then a-an adjective one promptly tripped her. It bared its teeth, ready to kill Rey. Then, A shape, color lightsaber sprouted from its part of your face, goring it instantly. After that it was just a slaughterfest. None of the creatures could beat Luke’s adjective skills.
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