Nov 20
fiction challenge: Weaving

The Whisper of the Weaver

I looked around in my mother’s greyish station wagon, and waited until she came out. She had gone into a store to buy some yarn to weave a blanket for someone close to her. Finally she came out with the wool bags and got into the car.. 

“What took you so long?” I ask, trying to keep a calm tone.,” said her mom.

“Well, Sally, a woman needs to take her time while looking for her materials.” Mother says calmly. 

“I-I. I knew that!” I said in an angry tone and folded my arms. 

“Well, we need to go home. The dogs can’t feed themselves, right?” Mother chuckles trying to change the subject. “Okay. Fine, I will feed the dogs when WE get home. Okay?” I say with blankness. 

When we get home, I get the dog food and pour it into our dogs dishes. 

“Mother, I have a question.” I say with curiosity. 

“Sure, what is it Sally?” Mother asks sweetly as can be while she starts to make lunch. 

“Who are you gonna give the weaved blanket too?” I ask sweetly. 

“It’ll be a surprise, Sally. Just wait and see.” she tells me. 

“Okay, I will not be snoopy then.” I say with the biggest smile on my face. 

“Oh, lunch is done by the way..” Mother bursts out. 

“Okay.” I say walking towards the kitchen. After I eat lunch. I walk over to my mother. “Can I have a piece of paper in your office?” I ask urgently. 

“Sure honey.” She responds back while cleaning the plates. I walk into her office. I stand for a while, then I shake my head.I walk over to the papers and take one that has nothing on it. I start to draw. I hear the door slowly open and then I get startled by the sound., Ink spills on the paper. “Great. The paper is now soaked with ink. No way I’m gonna get that off.” I think. Mother comes in and sees the ink and tells me to throw away the piece of paper and clean myself off. I sigh and throw it away. I wash my clothes in the washer and hang them up outside. I sigh and go to bed. 

The next day I wake up to the sound of my mom’s favourite jazz music. 

“She’s listening to that again, great.” I say it like that just made my day start awful. My Father gets home and surprises me with a toy. I gaped when I saw the teddy bear. “This is for you Sally!” Father says with a bright smile on his face. I hold the teddy bear, then mother comes over and shows me the woven blanket with animals holding hands. She had made it for me!'s picture
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Chelsey Hook
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