Nov 20

Cherry lollipop

In the past
it was all

Frizzy halo
cotton candy sweet smile
glitzy tutus and
chalk on stone path
cherry lollipops and

In the present
it's all

Long long
sleek hair
no more cotton candy smile

now it's candied
sparkling tutus are 
it's crop tops
tight jeans now
You have replaced 
with spraypaint
swapped stone paths
for everything

In the past
things were like

Wheels on the bus and
butterfly wings
my little pony 
princess chapstick

Baby fat and
cherub cheeks
everyone thought
you were so cute
wanted to hold you

In the present
things are like

All curves and cleavage
or no beauty
bikini body
or no love
wink at the boys
trash talk the girls


Why not

Who you are
is beautiful
anyone can be in love
be who you want

stand out

Chipped silver nail polish and 

music by Lorde
Flip off
the boys who look at you
like you're the cherry lollipop
wink at the girls

Why not

Photos of you
covered in dirt
huge sweaters and
hardcore napping

Why not

Your hair
how you like it
pineapple smile
with a tang

I ask you

Why be a picture
that has
been reprinted
so many times?



an old Elsa dress

Once upon a time,

you were a tiny thing 
never ever took off that Elsa dress
or your headband either.


you cut your hair 
so short 
that there was enough to donate
and looked like a different girl
because of it.


you didn't care how you looked
and wore whatever fit the temperature.