Nov 25
Kellin Martin's picture

My life is like a blank canvas

Sometimes my life feels like a blank canvas 
it has no color to it 
its just black and white 
the lines and dots don't add up to make a connect the dots picture 
they're instead sitting there as stupid squiggles 
but in life I have these dreams and i feel like my canvas gets a new start to it 
i can erase all the stupid lines that don't have a point 
I can feel happy 
I can feel refreshed 
I can stop thinking for once 
but that doesn't happen 
they stay as a dream in a stupid little thought bubble above my head and sit 
they sit and wait for something good to happen 
they think they have perpous 
I feel like that sometimes 
sometimes I feel like I have a reason to be here 
sometimes I can say with pride I have a reason 
that this earth isn't just a stupid floating rock in the sky 
that earth is more then this spear made of things that only die 
I think me and life have a lot in common 
neither of us know whats happening 
why its happening 
or why it had to be like that 
me and life both have blank canvas's its just life has a bit more building up to their then I do 
me and life have a lot in common 
and neither of us know what we're doing