Nov 25

My Letter To Santa

Dear Santa,

I’m writing to you today in a moment of childish aspiration. My Christmas wishes this year are primarily impossible for you to grant. However I’ve decided to take a chance and tell you anyway. Now I’ve heard some compelling stories of magic so strong that reindeer can fly way up high in the sky. Also tales of a man named Kris Kringle who travels around the entire world in one night on a sleigh filled with toys for good girls and good boys. I’ve learned through the years that you’re always watching me and you know if I’m naughty or nice. I’ve got to say this year I’ve been very nice;) With magic that powerful I want to at least share with you what I want for Christmas. Maybe a Christmas miracle will find its way into my life…..

My Christmas List:

1. I want for hate to dissipate and love to thrive
2. I want everyone everywhere to have a plentiful meal on their table at least for the holidays.
3. I want the sick to heal so they may spend valuable time with their families during this holiday season.
4. I want there to be warm clothes on the backs of the entire human race, no exceptions.
5. I want our environment's health and proper beauty to be restored.
6. I want politics to become more civil and less “cut throat” so that our country may reunite.
7. I want those serving their countries to spend the holidays at home with loved ones.
8. I want equitable opportunities given out to all.
9. I want her to heal, come back home and continue to be the same best friend I’ve known for many years(you know who I’m talking about).
10. While I’m making unobtainable wishes here's one that I’ve been thinking about for quite some time: I wish for the ability to hug my friends without fear of repercussions. I want to not have to worry about wearing a mask or social distancing. I want the pandemic to be over. Curtains for covid.

This list could go on forever but I ran out of steam. For I know that this letter will never make it into your magical hands. My words will simply fall on deaf ears. It was nice to pretend. Now I shall tune back into reality.

Lots of Love & Ridiculous Wishes,