Nov 26
poem challenge: Grateful

Grateful for You

I try to keep myself from texting you—
A "Happy Thanksgiving" text won't hurt, I think.
So, my finger swipes the button
And the message sends.

And you write back
With my nickname on the end
And I realized, well,
I've screwed myself over.

But you know what?
Even though
I miss you,
I'm grateful for you.

I'm grateful for
The lessons you taught me,
The smiles you brought me,
The time you bought me—
And I must say
I regret none of it.

So even though
It hurts to see your messages
Come up with the name you gave me
When we FaceTimed way too late,
I'm still wishing you a happy thanksgiving,
Because despite everything we've been through,
I'm still grateful
For you.