Nov 28
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’Twas a dark night 
’Twas a cold night
Where the air was still
I lay in bed, awake.
Out the window
A greenish light
Flitting across the city.

Grabbing my bathrobe,
I ran outside
Chasing the light down 
Every street, alley, and path.
In the pale snow
I find footprints,
Clean and fresh.

I follow them,
The little y-shaped tracks.
A haunting chill comes over me
A cold sweat on my neck
The trash bin on the street wiggles
An awning flaps
Parked cars creak.

A greenish light
Appears above me, 
The greenish light
Pulls me up,
Up, up 
As I am abducted 
By aliens

I’m on the cold grey metal floor
And Aliens are all around
Most are a bright green, some pale grey
With large black eyes, unblinking stares
On a hairless head
They stand about four feet tall
Surprisingly human

I am pulled up
By hands with three fingers
Cold, thin, and bony.
Sounds flow from their mouths,
Mouths that are mere slits, like their noses
A jarble of high pitched murmuring 
Heads nod in agreement

I look out a window 
Of the circular ship
Glowing stars scattered about the sky
My mind drifts 
To crop circles, spaceships, 
And other signs
And how I used to laugh

So swiftly we speed past the stars
Breaking through the clouds
Approaching earth
I can recognize cars
Then an awning
Then trash cans on a street
Then my home

My head spins like a top
And throbs rhythmically
The greenish light
Pushes me down
Down, down
Back in bed, I think -- Was I Abducted
By Aliens? -- Or was it all a dream?

By Luca Domingos-Worth 
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