Nov 28
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Mike woke up to the glistening sound of silence. His eyes were presented to the deep woods. early afternoon it seemed, with a stench of birch tree in the air. Mike was confused with a few questions, how did I get here? Where am I? Where’s my family? He noticed scratches and bruises all over him. 

ZOOM...  It got to him, 3 things he knew about himself. 

1. I’m an 11 year old kid

2. I know my dad's number

3. I’m in Killington, Vermont

Mike finally got up from the forest ground scattered with crushed pine cones and big foot prints. Something else got to him...  He needed to get out of here. Mike then started to walk to get out of the woods. Luckily no sign of trouble walking, a little aching on his left arm, but nothing he couldn’t handle. When he finally noticed his attire, he found out that he had classic jeans, a maroon hoodie, a black beanie, and a wrist watch that said nothing. After 30 minutes of straight walking, he thought he saw civilization in the distance and a sign that read   
In his head, he said, “Come on. Tell me something I don’t know.” He ran at the speed of light to the road where he saw The Grand Hotel. It looked promising, so he went in. He was surprised to see such a nice  hotel in the middle of nowhere, but when he looked beside it, he saw mountains with chair lifts and mountain bikers riding on it, so he figured it’s a touristy place, which would be perfect for a hotel. However, it was summer, not winter. 
Summer = less skiers,  more bears.
So he was informed not to be in the woods anymore. 

ZOOM...  it came to him, he loved to mountain bike and snowboard.

The bad thing about the hotel was that it was high class and they probably wouldn't let an 11 year old have a room, but there was one way to find out. As he walked towards the hotel, the automatic doors came open. The guy at the front desk had an odd look as he watched Mike come through. He saw the name tag that said “Clinton” on it.

As he came up to the desk Clinton said, “ Hi, what can I help you with?”

Mike blacked out and said,  “ Uhh...  I’m lost, can I use your phone to call my dad?”

Clinton happily said, “Of course!” and gave him the phone. As Mike was dialing his dad's number Clinton said, “Where do you live?”

Mike blacked out again and pretended to ignore him, then put the phone to his ear. No answer. He dialed again. No answer. Then after the third call, Mike  started to look suspicious.

Clinton said, “Umm, are you sure that's the right number?”

Mike nodded and stormed out of the hotel uncomfortably. He had nowhere to go and no one to call. He was stranded, and he observed before NOT to go into the woods, so the only choice was to go up the quiet road…
Then after a few minutes of intensely walking he found a quaint pizza place called
                                                       “IPIE PIZZA”


ZOOM...  it came to him, he loved pizza.
This  was the second time that once he saw something, memories came back if he loved it! Aha! This is how I get my memory back! So not even thinking about the pizza, he ran up the Access Road, desperate to find out who he really was.

Then as he came up a curve he saw another sign
And noticed people skateboarding on a ramp.

ZOOM...  it came to him, he loved to skateboard.

YES! Another memory.

It seemed that he’d like skateboarding a lot so he went into the shop and saw a guy.

ZOOM...  it came to him, his name was Tucker.

Tucker seemed to know Mike and said, “Oh, hey, Mike! Ya here to skate?”

Mike paused and said, “Uhh...  yeah?” 

Then Tucker gave him a skateboard and said, “Do you wanna go out back? “

Mike responded with, “Sure.”

He took the skateboard and went out back. Three people were already there.  Mike sat down and observed what the other skaters were doing. 

ZOOM...  He knew how to do 30 tricks.

Mike didn’t want to stay long, so he did a few tricks and returned the skateboard to Tucker.

Then, he heard his belly grumble. He didn’t have any money. But the Ipie Pizza place looked nice, so he took the shortcut through the woods. As he got deeper into the woods, he began to see footprints. But not humans and not animals… He saw a glimpse of a strange bear-like thing, and then his eyes went black.

Jessica Perlmutter
Grade 5
Killington Elementary School
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