Nov 29

Cedar to Palace

on a rainy day,
my brother and I just happened to be outside,
standing under a cedar.

Then my eyes lit up.

This tree had an old wooden pallete underneath the branches,
a weird box that monitored our gas tank or something,
and a short stone platform shaped like a circle.
We looked at it and thought, 
We can do this.

And we did.
We dragged the pallete out and let the rain wash it.
We got the broom and swept it out. 
We made a path to the trunk.
We found paths among the branches to climb.

And we were amazed at what we could do.

Maybe one day I'll return as an adult,
and the pallete will be rotted through,
and I'll be too big for the climbing paths,
but if I look at it, 
my brother and I will be there,
amazed at what we could do by all by ourselves,
and letting our imagination fly free
through the rain.