Nov 29
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The Room Change

The bedroom, where you spend a little more than a quarter of the day. It is where you can feel relaxed, safe, and comfortable. But what if you could change it. What if you could make a five star hotel room, or a castle, or a spot in the clouds, or would you not change it at all. If I was given the chance to change my room I wouldn’t change much. Currently my room is a room with gray walls and a bed in the middle with a tv stand and a dresser. First off I would change the wall color. I would change it to a dark blue, I would do that because it is my favorite color and it would represent the ocean. The ocean is one of my favorite spots because it shows chaos and peace. The next thing I would change would be the furniture. I would sleep on a bed of clouds and have the floor feel like the beach on a sunny winter day. I would also make it so that my room would never become cold. I personally hate the winter and the cold it brings with it. The next thing is the way things are organized. I always hate how the cables will get so messy when I do nothing to them, I would make it so that there would be no wires and so the sun would shine through my window until I wanted to sleep.

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