Nov 29
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What Democracy Means To Me

This election showed that no matter how much somebody tries to undermine an election in the United States, it will remain fair and free. President Trump has tried to sue his way to another term as president of the United States, but America’s fair elections have (so far) prevailed. 

Democracy to me means that it is the people who elect their government. A democratic election cannot be won over by money, or claims with no basis or facts. A democratic election ensures that everybody can have a voice. If you are an adult, you can vote. Anybody can write letters or send an email to their representatives. 

Students at a school in Vermont wrote letters to their representatives and helped get a plastic bag ban bill passed and signed into law. 

Stephanos Bibas, judge of the 3rd circuit U.S. appeals court, stated “Voters, not lawyers chose the president.” after shooting down a lawsuit from the Trump campaign. Allowing lawyers to alter the results of the presidential election with no proof would erode the democracy our country was founded on. 

Democracy is when democrats and republicans come together and tally the votes. They are trustworthy, even if the count votes for the opposite political party.

In conclusion, to me, democracy is the fact that people, not lawyers or politicians choose the president.

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