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Blondie-Current Joys-tune

Although it's hard for me to pick a favorite song, Blondie by Current Joys is one song that always brings a comforting homie feeling to me.The Instrumentals and the lyrics all really bring the mood of the song together.

The lyrics:
 There are flowers

In my heart

They're growing thorns

And it hurts

Every time

You're around

We break up

We get down


And I won't

See you again

You're not a person

You're my friend

If we do

Just by chance

Can we kiss

Can we dance


The song sounds like something from a movie where two teenagers possibly are falling in love. With the first line “there are flowers in my heart, They’re growing thorns, and it hurts everytime you're around.” You could interpret this as the person falling in love with the line “there are flowers in my heart” but maybe their lover has a different lover or doesn't feel the same way and it starts to hurt when they are around even though they love them so much because they know they will never feel the same way, . One of the more romantic lines written by the band Current Joys is the last part of this song that goes “you’re not a person, you’re my friend, If we do, Just by chance, Can we kiss? Can we dance?” Stating that even though we are just friends maybe we can kiss and dance and spend romantic time together, And that you’re not just any person. It might not be a get up and party song but it's one that can make your heart drop but almost in a good way especially if you really listen to the lyrics. 

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