Dec 01
poem 0 comments challenge: Blue

Blue Is When

Blue is when you turn on the television
To see a monster sitting at the oval office desk
Blue is when the radio sings
Exploding with the blood of fallen rebels
Blue is when father cries at the dinner table 
Late at night
Because his daughter hasn't smiled in weeks
Blue is when the relaxing bath turns into convulsions and gagging and wiping furiously
Looking at the list of your shampoo ingredients
Chock full of shark gills, and pig bones, and death
Blue is the fact that the child I watch has never known
A world where we can look up
Just a little bit
To our leader
Blue is looking down at my legs and feet and hands
And thinking about how they have never been granted a part
In creating this country
Just because my chromozones were different
Blue is the feeling I feel when I spy a flag
All of a sudden, I see
Just how blue the world is