Dec 01

Book Club Pick: December

THE LEAVERS by Lisa Ko was selected for the December book by charvermont, who says, "The book is about a boy whose single mother leaves when he is a child. It follows both of their journeys in life from then on." From Lisa Ko's website: "A vivid and moving examination of borders and belonging,The Leavers is the story of how one boy comes into his own when everything he’s loved has been taken away—and how one woman learns to live with the mistakes of her past." The first of her family to be born in the U.S., Ko says: "Growing up in the ’80s as one of the only kids of color in a New Jersey suburb was no joke. A lonely only child, I wrote the community I craved into existence, filling our house up with fictional families ... I was an outsider and a weirdo – in second grade, my favorite book was about the bubonic plague – and I studied everyone around me until I knew them better than they’d ever know me." HEY YWP! Want to suggest a book of the month for the YWP Book Club? Want more online book discussions about this and other books? Message LadyMidnight and charvermont on the site!
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Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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