Dec 02


She's a swan,
How she sores
Beautiful and elegant,
more then one would ever wish
He's an eagle,
How he dives
Strong as an ox
Yet as shallow as a Hallow.
Then Theirs The duck
Who has not yet bloomed
She knows one day she will fly too
She Fancies the eagle
For as long as she can recall
The eagle whos head seemed as empty as an hollowed tree
Thought it´d be best for them to remain ¨Just friends¨
One day she asked why,
¨Why won´t you fly with me¨
The eagle responded as cold as the wind blowing on Christmas day
¨Im an eagle I sore and I fly,
I´m handsome and robust
and you?
Simply are not.
You're not elegant like a swan,
you're nothing to desire,
After all Your just a duck.¨
He paused for a moment to let his words sink in,
Then flew up above to chase that truly Wonderful swan.
The duck was witty, and helpful and kind,
The swan had beauty,
The duck was just not his type.
A couple of years later,
The duck had moved on and blossomed at last
She had a family,
And never looked back.