Look Closer

I, May Cantabell was sitting in my favorite pine tree within the forest. I called it, The Great Pine. My curly dark brown hair waved in the wind. Yet again, spring had come to the farm. While sitting here I daydreamed about the baby chickens that would be coming and  the new calves. Momma's flower garden is blooming with many purples, blue tulips but my favorite is the pink tulips. The forest floor beneath me is  covered  in mud. Vermont is known for having a mud season. I watch as geese fly back home in their V-shape form. Watching them fly makes me want to fly too. 

To soar through the clouds with my friends beside me would be like a dream. I climb down carefully in my jean shorts so as not to slip on the muddy bark. I start back to the house to help momma with the gardening. I stop for a moment at the birch tree where I had seen the chickadee family last winter. There are three new young ones about to go out of the nest for their first time. Their little black eyes shine with their excitement. Their new feathers are glossy and have never been touched by a sharp rock making them clean looking. 

They all jump off and take flight while following their mother. While I watch them I can't help but wish that people would look a little closer at the world around them and see all the beauty. I watch as they fly through the sky gliding while being able to do such a great thing. The mother bird flies back to her branch and watches her younglings fly all on their own. I can feel her pride burning through her feathers as she proudly watches them. Again I go back to the feeling of wishing people would look closer. Closer at how animals and birds have lives too. Closer to how beautiful the world is and that this beauty can be found in people and in animals. . The trees, the birds, the bugs, there is something special about it all and I want people to look closer. 

I look at the sun which is now high in the sky. Mamma would be in the garden soon. I raced home and my mamma was not yet in the garden. My mother suddenly walks out the door. As she walks, her dark blond curly hair sways in the breeze and her flowery dress flaps around her legs. 

“Momma.” I say to get her attention. 

“Why yes, my dear May. Would you like to help me with the garden?” My mother asks me. She loves my company in the garden. 

“Yes, I would love to help you in your gorgeous garden.” I reply.

“I would never have been able to make such a lovely garden without your help, May.” my mother said looking surprised at the compliment. 

“Momma you look pretty.” I tell her and I mean it. 

“You are beautiful too, May. We all are in a special way.”
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