An elegant spider web blocks

                                     my way across the path,

    fresh dew is still on the thin strands. 

        As I look closer,

 I see a strand has been connected

      to a single blade of grass,

       slightly pulling it over. 

       Nature is beautiful.

I continue along on the trail.

 An old oak tree has been struck 

by lightning causing it to fall.

 At first I thought it was sad, 

but as I sit down on a rotten branch,

      I see a scattering of 

small, orange mushrooms 

along the trunk of the tree.   

    At the end of my trail,

 I see a huge rock on top

                             of the mountain I’ve been climbing.

                        I get up on it and gasp from what I see. 

                        Huge trees, a beautiful sunrise, a rolling river.                                     

                          Too soon, I climb back down the mountain    

                        ready to go back to my apartment in the city.'s picture
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Chelsey Hook
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