Dec 10

Goodbye 2020

Goodbye 2020.
Goodbye masks
Goodbye quarantine memes
and packages that still haven't arrived
and socially distanced hugs.

Goodbye 2020.
Goodbye foggy glasses.
Goodbye never sharing food
and missed loved ones
and too many advice columns.

Goodbye smiling too hard so people can actually tell you're smiling.

Goodbye backing away from your friends like you're magnets repelling each other.

Goodbye spending a horrific amount of time online every single day.

Goodbye hyperventilating when someone sneezes in the grocery store.

Goodbye president who doesn't know shit.

Goodbye 2020.
I won't miss you at all.
About the Author: flowersinherhair
It's tougher to be vulnerable than it is to actually be tough. - Rihanna