Dec 10
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Nothing lasts forever

The chirp of a bird. The chaos of getting ready for school while your family also is getting ready. The weird good/sad feeling after you finish your favorite series on netflix. These are all things that will never last forever. The last thing that you want to do is stay stuck on one memory that you regret. Time doesn’t stop moving so neither should you. The funny thing about life is that you want to be grown up when you're a child but when you're an adult the thing you long for is your youth. Time is an ongoing thing that will probably never stop so you have to move along with it. 

The things that you do in your life will give you memories whether you want them to or not, that is the reason why so many people want to do something that will show the whole world that they aren’t just another person that lived a normal life. There is nothing wrong with living a normal life but really normal is defined by whatever you believe in. Just remember that nothing will last forever.
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