Wild Robot Computers

I like to play a video game called Kangaroos jump over chickens. It was unrealistic. The faces of the chickens were realistic but the kangaroos’ eyes were red. The chickens’ feathers were sharp and could cut through the kangaroo. The kangaroo carried a sword and shield. He wins the game. “Uggh, he said. I didn’t want to finish that game. I really enjoyed it.” I am thankful for modern technology and that I get to play games like this. I am also thankful for nature and my family.

Later I go on a hike. I hike the Long Lake Woods, which is a stretch of woods connected to one of the Finger Lakes. It was covered in mushrooms, but only a couple were edible. I liked that it was springtime and it was the perfect temperature. I liked the smell and the cool breeze on my face. I climb a tree and see the sunlight. I am thankful for nature. 

After I get home, my family is there. My dad and my mom are there, as well as my uncle, aunt and cousins who are staying for Easter. That night I have to wash all the dishes for Easter day tomorrow, which is long and tedious work. After I scrub the last spoon clear of any grime, I collapse onto the floor, my back aching. My mom smiles at me and thanks me for my hard work. I knew it was worth it. 

In the morning I wake up early and then remember something. Through all the work I did yesterday, I forgot about the writing paper I needed to do about what I was thankful for. I ask my dad what I should do.

 My dad smiles at me calmly and says, “You got it. What are some things you are thankful for?” I then knew what I was thankful for: Modern technology, nature and my family.

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