Dec 15

Our Tree

    In the winter
    Me and my sisters tree
    In the front yard
    Shines bright in the snow.
    With twinkling lights
    Strung between the thin branches.
    We gaze at them from our windows.

    In the spring
    We get ready to climb
    Stretching and jumping
    Waiting for our dad to take down
    The lights.

    In the summer
    We hold and climb and pull
    We jump and slide and swing
    We find branches that look like seats
    And claim our own.
    Friends come over 
    And we all climb together
    A mess of arms and legs in our tree
    Hidden from the world by its emerald leaves.

    In the fall
    We say goodbye
    We climb a few more times
    Then retire from our tree
    We look at it everyday on our way to school
    And again wish it were summer
    So we could climb 
    Once more.