Dec 17
nonfiction, opinion challenge: Blue
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Blue to You

Blue. When someone says blue, most people think of a blue sky or blue water. When asked to zoom in and describe the color blue, it gets hard. Blue is like the sky or the water, some say it represents freedom, intuition, or a feeling of calm. Although it may sound odd, blue can mean something different to everybody. Blue makes some people feel relaxed or soothed. For others, it makes them think of their trips to the beach in the summer. It might remind them of the painting ‘The Starry Night’ by Van Gough. Others may be more clinical, they think of blue as a primary color, the color that can be used to make every other color. They can see color as light, wavelengths, and the science of the eye. Others are even more rigid, knowing that technically there is no real color, it’s just a product of society to make sense of the world. Whatever it may be, it changes for every person. How do we even know that we all see the same color blue? 

Blue is versatile, it ranges from a color so light it looks almost white, to so dark it almost looks black.  Blue can be rich and deep like royal blue or navy blue, or it can be light and fresh like light blue. It can have undertones of green to make a vibrant teal or turquoise. It can even have undertones of purple to make an intense color on the cusp between blue and purple. Blue can be reminiscent of any memories, sailing on the lake or swimming in the sea. Blue takes you back to the simple days of coloring with crayons and Crayola markers. When how many gummies you had for lunch was important. It can be even closer to home, blue eyes, or your favorite blue shirt. Blue is whatever you want it to be.

 To me, blue is dynamic; every changing and easy to change. Blue reminds me of summer camp at the park and laying under the stars at dusk. It has a feeling of calm energy and bottled up excitement. Blue is the most sought after colored pencil and the most vibrant marker. It’s the color of my eyes and the color of my room. Blue is whatever you want it to be, but for me, it’s just filled with memories.