Dec 18
essay challenge: Twirl
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The Nutcracker

She had the perfect view of the stage from where she was sitting in the audience. Watching them twirl around in circles mimicking their moves in her mind, one leap to the left another to the right. After what felt like minutes, the curtain fell and consumed the stage in blackness. As the clapping began Isabella’s mind traveled back to a few days before when she found out that her dream would finally become true. Ever since the first day of ballet practice it had been her dream to go and watch her favorite famous ballet, The Nutcracker. She had asked for a ticket ever since that day and finally on the fourteenth birthday it was coming true. She remembered opening the last gift and realizing that yet again she hadn't gotten the one thing she’d asked for. However, after finishing opening the gift her parents had surprised her with one another gift. It was a small box shaped present. She carefully unwrapped it and in fact it was a box but that didn’t matter, it was what was in the box that really mattered. Inside that box were five tickets for her mom, dad, sister, best friend and her to go to see The Nutcracker. Isabella had never felt so happy in her entire life; she began to twirl around her room alongside her best friend who had also always wanted to go see The Nutcracker. Her mind drifted back to the dark stage in front of her and her best friend clapping with the biggest smile on her face. She realized that she felt more excited in that moment than she had when she found out the news because she had just spent the day with her family and best friend, watching her favorite ballet, and she couldn’t be more happy.   

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