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Blue, blue is many things. It can be happiness. It can be sadness. It can be anything in between. The color blue brings back memories of the night sky, but it also brings back sad feelings from the rainy days spent alone. When you think of the ocean you think about the animals, the living creatures swimming in the blue water. Think back to the days at the pool and you can hear children screaming full of joy. They are in the blue water. If you look closely at the snow on the ground you can see the blue. Blue is not only happiness it’s mostly sadness. Those rainy days sitting inside ready a book listing to the somber music. Blue isn’t just feelings either it’s a look, it’s a way of expression. When feeling blue you are sad everything is sad. Not wanting to do anything nothing makes you happy.

    Dark blue, light blue, baby blue, and royal. The shades matter too. Dark blue is like the dark of night. It goes best with a light color like, pink or yellow. When I think of dark blue I think of the stars, the moon, and the night sky. Light blue is the sign of summer. Warm water rushing over your feet. I think of the warm summer nights at the fair eating the pink and light blue cotton candy. Baby blue so soft. It’s like a warm hug in the winter. Royal blue is the color of the rival school, always wanting to beat them in whatever sports game. Blue is many many things yes it is a color but it is also way more than that, it’s all around us and sometimes we never know. 

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