Dec 19
fiction challenge: Twirl
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When Sofie arrived at the beach, she wasn’t happy at all. She would rather be in the city with her friends. There was so much going on in the city that she didn’t want to miss. Her friend’s birthday, a concert, and even a party. She knew it was crazy not to be excited at the beach, but she couldn’t help it. 

    When her parents first told her that they were going to Maine for a week in July, relaxing on the beach sounded delightful. But her enthusiasm died as soon as her friends started inviting her to events that same week. By the time she found out about the birthday party, she wished she didn’t have to leave. This “fun family vacation” did not sound fun at all.     Sofie decided to walk down the beach since she was almost bored out of her mind. As she was walking, something shiny caught her eye, but she was too upset to pay it any attention. By the time she got to the end of the beach, her mood had started to improve.  She started walking back, and the same shiny thing caught her eye. She decided to just see what it was so that maybe she would have something cool to show her friends. But as she dusted it off, she got more excited with every sweeping motion, as she began to realize that she had found a small pearl! When there was no more sand on the gem, she grinned, and then she began to twirl with enthusiasm. First, her arms started to spin around in a circle, and then the rest of her body caught up. Her hair was swinging in a circle, and everyone was staring, but she didn’t care. She felt like she was about to levitate off the earth. She was happier than she had been in a while. She sprinted back to her parents to show them her treasure. She didn’t stop even though her feet hurt and she was so tired she felt like falling to the ground. This find was more important than any of that. When she got back, she was so out of breath that she almost couldn’t speak, but she succeeded in telling her parents about her find. All of her prior feelings were gone and she finally began to feel happy. 
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