Handling The Greatest Gift

It was Christmas eve and Liam had just opened his early Christmas present. Before he had opened it, it was wrapped with red Santa wrapping paper. Inside was a small paper. On the front it said: 

To Liam, From uncle Mathew. Uncle Mathew was rich yet all he had gotten Liam was a card. He opened it up and it said: I donate 10,000 dollars to you. When you would like to use some, give them the card taped to the side of this note and tell them how much you would like to spend, but use it wisely. Merry Christmas!

“Oh boy! This is so cool!”Liam cried. He pulled on a red and blue coat and some     orange boots and ran out the wooden oak door. He went happily skipping around town until he reached the store with the watch he had always wanted. He went inside to buy it but then he froze. What if someone else gets it for me. Liam thought. What if I could buy something else with this money. Nagh! I mean what if they don’t, I don’t want to take any chances. So Liam bought the watch. This went on again and again till Liam had no money left. As Liam was walking home he saw a hoverboard he wanted badly. He could not buy it because he had spent all of his money already. Liam was not too happy about this. The next day Liam went downstairs to open presents with his family who all had black hair just like him and were all sitting around the tree, for it was Christmas. All of the things he opened were things he had already bought though. He had wasted his money. Liam never forgot that time. Ever since then he has been careful with his money. That day made a huge impact on his life.  
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