The Gift of a Dog

It was Christmas day and Marcie Lyne, a seven year old girl, had been begging for a dog. Marcie would always imagine herself with a dog. She saw her long blonde hair flying in the wind, her hot pink dress flapping around. Then she would see the dog. It was a Bernese Mountain dog.  He was black, brown and white. He looked very fast too. She seemed to be yelling at him. She was saying, “Slow down Bernie! Slow down!!!” Marcie was about to fall! Then, down she fell. Bernie ran away in a flash and Marcie was on the ground crying.In the dream Marcie’s parents heard her and ran out. Marcie’s mom paused and gasped! Her hands, knees, and stomach were all torn up. Her parents brought her inside, took care of her cuts and had her lay down.

    Marcie woke up from her daze and found herself in the living room. Her dad came in and told her they had two more presents for her. She walked out behind her dad and saw her mom holding a big box. Inside was a crate, leash, collar, dog food, dog treats, and other dog supplies. Marcie was confused. Her mom then walked up behind her and put a blindfold on right over her eyes. They steered her out the door and into the garage. Her mom and dad counted down. They then took the blind fold off and there standing right in front of her was a big Bernese Mountain dog. Marcie jumped around happily and thanked her parents. She walked over to the puppy and snuggled him.

    Three months later, Marcie was walking Bernie, her dog. She named him after her vision. They were walking on a trail in her woods behind the house. Then out of nowhere came a squirrel! Bernie took off! Luckily Marcie got her hand out of the loop just in time. She was looking at her hand and then when she looked up Bernie was gone. Marcie ran back to the house and told her parents. They looked everywhere. Marcie went back to the trail. It was getting dark, very dark and she was all alone. 

 She was too focused on her fear of the other wild animals and she totally forgot to keep an eye on the trail. Marcie looked down and couldn’t see the trail anywhere. She was out there for two hours and started to worry.  

Two days later she was still in the woods. Marcie stayed put because she remembered her parents telling her that whenever she gets lost to stay put, so she did. Marcie sat down on a log and was about to fall asleep when she heard leaves crunching and branches snapping. Marcie quickly rolled over and hid behind the log. She slowly peaked over the log and saw a big dog in the distance. It was too far away to make out what kind of dog it was. Marcie waited for it to get closer and to her surprise it was Bernie! 

Bernie trotted over and licked her on the face. She hugged him tight and had a slight feeling of safety now that Bernie was there. Bernie started to trot away again. Marcie decided to follow him. She ran as fast as she could and finally caught up to him. Bernie would only stop to make sure Marcie was still behind him. 

The two walked about thirty more minutes and finally reached the edge of the woods. When they got out they had arrived at Marcie’s house! Bernie had saved her. He was the best Christmas present ever!'s picture
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Chelsey Hook
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