The One Gift

The gift that was given soon came and it helped but then she had to give it back. She soon saw what had to be done. I wrote then stopped. The teacher said that one sentence was enough to please her but it had to be long enough to make her see the greatness in it.

“Jasmine come down stairs, someone is here for you,” said Mom.

“Coming,” I yelled well running down the stairs.

“Hi!” said my aunt in surprise. “I have not seen you in so long. You're so big! Come with me,” she said.

I jumped in the car and we drove away.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“A surprise,” she said with a smile. Then the car came to a stop at a store. My aunt jumped and grabbed two drinks.

“Here, have a drink,” she said.

“Okay,” I said, while taking a sip. This is hot but delicious at the same time. I want more but no more at the same time. Should I take another sip or not? I will. No I won’t. Yes I will. No I won’t. Yes I will.

(One week later)
I was at home in my bed with my puppy that my aunt had given me. I used to think that the trip was useless but now I see what it was all for. The one gift that was given to me will not be forgotten.'s picture
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Chelsey Hook
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