The Story that Changed My Life

When I was young, someone gave me a gift that would change my life. The night it happened was on Christmas Eve night. My Dad had to work Christmas Eve night. He said he would be here on Christmas morning. So, I went to bed.

 The next morning I saw my dad and it was Christmas. I opened all of my presents and my dad said he had one more for me. There was one more for me under the Christmas tree. I opened it and it was a 243 rifle. Dad said I should take my hunter’s safety course. It was hard but I passed with a score of 80%. 

Finally it was youth weekend and I was getting ready to go hunting. I went into the woods and sat in a tree stand. One hour later I fell asleep. “I am awake!!!” No, a six pointer just ran away. I went to a blind and as soon as I sat down  I saw a 12 pointer. OMG. Blam!!! Got him!!! I took him home and had venison.This was the best christmas ever.'s picture
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Chelsey Hook
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