Dec 11
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Camp Ground Exaggerations

“ This is a true story. It happened to my dad seventeen years back on Halloween. It was a full moon, and a wolf was heard howling in the distance. My dad was lugging his candy bag back with his torn apart costume. When all the sudden he heard something in the distance. It was a low- pitched chuckle, he turned around and he saw a grown man who looked like a bloody zombie, or as if he just freshly murdered someone. My dad started to run and so did the man he ran into his house and he shut the door. Then it all went black…  and that's all he would tell me.”

The faces of all the other campers was mere horror, there was a second of silence. A fire raged softly in the background, the beautiful mountains now looking barren almost as though Fall has shaken all the leaves off the trees. Then the storytellers father butted in, from another tent.“ Hey honey, was that the dream I had?” He said, confused, “ You have a few things messed up. First of all, only the first two lines are true, and I must admit, the wolf was pretty spooky.” The dad said, chuckling. The person who told the story frowned, her two friends just glanced at each other. The dad continued. “The rest was this crazy dream I had. Where instead of it being a man like you said, it was a humongous squirrel, who looked like he was eating way too many Maraschino Cherries. I started to run to get my mom to snap a photo and then the rest of the dream went black. And I woke up.” Now the two other girls just started laughing but the one who told the false story was scowling. Inside another tent the dad replied now just talking to himself. “ Ohh unless you are talking about what happened 27 years back, with the murderer chasing me, that's what you were talking about.”  The campsite fell silent except for the original girl who just smiled proudly.
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