Dec 11
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It was a dark (but not stormy) night, as nights tend to be. It was cold as well, but that was to be expected. It was cold enough for my ears to be numb, as if my hearing problems weren't bad enough. My hearing aid was malfunctioning, and I wandered through the woods, lost. I heard noises, faint, but still there. It sounded like wolves. A lot of them. I heard them getting closer, closer, through the dark woods. I began to run, as fast as I could, away from them. My legs flashed beneath me, my breath came in a smooth rythem, my heart beating a pattern against my ribs. My eyes watered at the cold wind, I ran faster, arms pumping, less smoothly now. My thighs felt like they were made of fire, my lungs burning. But still, I ran. Blinded by tears, I didn't see the tree until it was too late. I ran directly into it, and was out cold in a heartbeat.
I woke up, jerking into conciousness, heart racing. Nurses scrambled around me, trying to make sense of it. I gulped air, wondering where the hell I was. Then I saw them, my parents. They were asleep in the chairs along the wall, asleep too deep to be awakened by the cacophany. I realized then what had happened. I had mistaken them for wolves, and was running away from them the whole time. 
I smiled, content for now, and allowed myself to slip back into my slumber.

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