Jan 02


Poets love to obsess over the word broken.
I couldn't tell you why—
I mean, I do it all the time. 
It's a good word, I guess, but still—
They love the word
They love its rhymes
And its connotation.
Broken people! Broken glass! Everything, everything
Is broken. 
It's just a lovely way of describing things,
A sharp, cutting way of getting to people.
And it has a dark academia feel, which is really
An aesthetic that all poets aspire to (don't tell them
I told you so).
Still, the use of the word
Does not guarantee the aesthetic.
I think poets know that, because they
Overthink everything, really, and that's what poems
Are made of (I shouldn't have told you that, either). 
Thus I come to the conclusion
That poets obsess over the word "broken" for a reason–
That being a simple one.
The poets are broken inside. They are their own broken glass,
Broken poems, broken words, because only someone
So broken as this
Can write
Poems like these.