Dec 11
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Week 14 Misheard Prompt Thing

They strained to hear what the hooded figures in the crypt were saying. It seemed like they were saying "They're going to use werewolves to attack the city". Frightened by the apparent werewolf invasion, they told the king immediately. The king then implemented a lot of anti-werewolf defences, such as silvering the swords of all the guards, increasing the watch, and trying to get the Arch-Mage to destroy the moon. Finally, the night that the werewolves were scheduled for came. Nobody saw any werewolves, or in fact anything out of the ordinary, that night. The next morning, they were all killed by gnomes. The hooded figure had actually said "They're going to use their tools to attack the city." For many years afterwards, the gnomes fought the dwarves, elves, orcs, halflings, humans, goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears, mind flayers, aboleths, fiends, fey, celestials, elementals, and deities, and eventually took over the entire universe.
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