Dec 11
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Death of Ghost

I saw one of my friends Patricia walking to class. “Patricia!” I yelled, trying to get her attention. “Patricia!”

She saw me, smiled, waved and walked towards me. “Hey what’s up?”

I smiled back. “You are never going to guess what I have to tell you!”

She looked at me quizzically, but still had the smile on her face. “Ok…” She answered.

“Ok,” I said, preparing myself to tell the story. “So I overheard multiple people’s

conversations ,and then when I heard it once I was like ‘uh-huh ok’ but then I heard more people talking about it and I realized basically everyone in the school knew so it just had to be tru-”

She cut me off. “What’s the story??”

I blushed and nodded, having not realized I’d been rambling and hadn’t even told

her the story that has been circulating around. “Jim killed a ghost on his farm with his bare hands!”

Patricia’s eyebrows furrowed together, and her head drew back in disbelief. “No way!” She gasped. She along with almost everyone else in this town was very superstitious.

I just nodded. “Way.”

“Why am I just hearing about this now?” She asked incredulously.

I shrugged. “I couldn’t tell you,” I quickly glanced down at my phone then back at her. “I have to go to class! Bye” I waved, she waved back and we went our separate ways to class.

Then at the end of the day when I was going out to the bus, when I had told mostly all of my friends, I saw another close friend a few people in front of me. “David!” I yelled. “David, David, David!” He turned around, scanning around trying to find who was yelling his name, and his eyes finally landed on me. He then stopped walking to wait for me and smiled eccentrically at me

“Hey there!” He yelled when I was next to him. “What’s up?” I put one hand over the ear closest to him.

“Calm down, I’m right next to you.” I replied and he just smiled bigger at me. “Ok you’re not going to believe what I heard today!”

He just nodded at me. “Jim’s story?” He asked and I nodded my confirmation. “Yeah, it’s gross and not believable at all.”

I just looked at him. “Uh, excuse me, how is it not believable? And how the heck is it gross??”

He gave me the same look back. “Killing a goat with his bare hands? Yeah that’s totally believable.” He mocked. I froze in my steps.

“A goat? He killed a goat??” I asked. David looked at me like I was stupid.

“Yeah…” He answered. “What did you think he killed?”

I just looked away from him, blushing, and kept walking while I pulled out my phone and David said nothing else. I opened my messages and texted Patricia and all the other people I could think of that I accidentally told Jim killed a ghost.

Hey guys! So, about the story I told you today, I had some wrong information. He didn’t kill a ghost, he killed a goat. Sorry!

I then shut my phone off and rubbed my hand over my face. So. Stupid.
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