Jan 04

What Happened Yesterday

What happened yesterday
It broke me a little
my identity

used to be proud to be an American
used to be proud
of what a strong country we were
I don't know what to feel
except shame
and fear

The past year
was already crazy enough
I was glad
for 2021
A new start! 
I thought

What happened yesterday
broke me a little

Our country
is called the 
United States
So tell me then
why are we so split apart?

And storming the Capital!
It's not going to change
who becomes President
It's still going to happen

went to a store today to
buy groceries
The boy who checked my things out
asked me how I was
I told him good although
maybe I should have been more honest
Told him I'm
but in the worst way possible
At least he was truthful
I asked him how he was
His answer?

What happened yesterday
broke me a little

All the violence
all the anger
all the pain and disagreement
If this is what the U.S means now
If this is what it stands for

Then I can no longer be proud of my country