Jan 05
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To You, From Beyond

I once stood where you stand now, did you know?
Of course you do, you wouldn't be here if you didn't. It's poetic, really, that you picked this place to stand, scream, cry. It's where I stood, screamed, cried. It's a nice place, one of the best views you'll get around here.
I know you're not here for the view. I wasn't either.
I didn't think you cared this much. I thought you'd be better off. 
How did I mess this up so much? Everything I do, everything I try...
it only gets worse.
Everything only ever gets worse.
And that's why I left.
That's why you're better off now.
I did this for you.
As I watch you fall, I realize I was wrong.
You didn't need me gone.
You needed me to be at your side.
You needed me to heal your wounds.
And I...
I wish I told you I needed you, too.
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