Jan 06

The Complex World of The Empress Xavier Estella

Her head up straight,
regal perfection.
Eyes following you
like a predator.
Just different intentions.
Different but similar.
Her sleek black body is sprawled
across the puffy gray
cushions of the couch.
Her fur shines glossy in
the early morning light
as she rests her royal
head on her front paws.
Her nose twitches slightly.
Never more than to catch
the scent of her next
long awaited for meal.
She nudges the bone
between her front paws
contemplating it's worth.
Then stretching her jaws wide,
she yawns, showing off
her many gleaming teeth.
Deciding the bone doesn't 
suffice, she once again rests
her head between her paws
grumbling her annoyance at the world.
Her eyes wander back up to you,
dissappointment shadowing her
complete frustration with your 
inablility to read her mind.
If a dog can roll their eyes, she does,
grumbles and closes them.
Drifting off into sleep, filled with dreams
of crinkling dog food bags
pouring out the dry brown lumps that
she longs for while she waits for her
slow-minded humans to feed her.
Then, after gourging her self on 
the unsubstantial feast of her dreams,
she leaps and bounds through fresh piles of snow
following all the smells that crowd her nostrils
whenever she wants.
Just as she lays down for a nice
big wallowing roll in the snow,
she hears the door open in her half consious
state and rears up out of her cloudy dreams,
leaping off the couch, racing past you,
barking and swearing at whoever
dares intrude her domain.