Jan 06
poem challenge: Warnock
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Today is not yet History

On Christmas Eve we stayed up late talking about Eastern European politics because the Berlin wall fell thirty years ago. 

Today, Georgia turned blue. But revolutions don’t become history until our books simplify them into the methodically dismemberment of brick walls: pickaxes, tie dye, singing in the streets. 

“Just an old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind…” 

Today, the Senate was ransacked. Today, the American flag, the American capital, was defiled by white supremacists. Today, Nancy Pelosi’s office was vandalized. Today, officials found two bombs stashed in cardboard boxes. Today, a woman was shot by rioters. Today, five people were killed by guns in the land of the free. 

“Just an old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind…” 
Today, the Democrats won. Today, the first black senator from Georgia was elected. Today, the people lifted America up with their ballots. Today, the brick wall got a little thinner, our pickaxes a little lighter, our singing a little louder. Today, nauseous with the swinging pendulum, we defended our democracy in the land of the free. 

* Song lyrics from "Georgia on my Mind," by James Brown