Jan 07
opinion challenge: Insurrection


I think that the events that occured at congress were terrible. To think that we might have been a symbol of democracy and peace is laughable right now. Not only have protesters stromed the capitol, something that hasn't been done sine 1814 when it was burned by the british (and what a comparison is that), peaceful protesters of racial injustice that were already protesting were pelted with rubber bullets and gassed with tear gas. 

There is no better way to describe what I'm thinking about as disgust. There is simply no other way to describe it. These people are disrupting the very flow of democracy and are being absolutely crazy in the way that they are demmanding things of our government. This isn't the America that I though that we were when I went to the capitol 6 years ago. I beleived that our government was like no other, and I guess that is true, just not in the right way.