Jan 07

What are we now?

What are we now?
What can we call ourselves?
A nation?
A country?
A big family?
We have people in this country who are loving and kind, peaceful, and yearning for equality
We have people in this country full of rage and hate, broken dreams, racist ways, and violence
How can we call ourselves a "Big Family" as news reporters keep saying
They say we will all come together and the people who broke into the Capitol are wrong and they are defying our democracy
And yet
Police did nothing
They allowed people to break down the doors 
Barge in with guns and bombs
Speak out their racist hateful ideas
And trample over our democracy
What are we now?
The police chief has been fired
But is it enough?
What about the terrorists you just let go
Who got to sleep in their own beds
And eat a nice dinner
What about George Floyd?
He was peaceful
He didn't have a gun 
He didn't struggle
They killed him
What the hell?!
A country of freedom and equality?
A country of money and prosperity?
Right now our country is one of despair, sickness, and violence run by someone who is mentally ill
With terrorists for followers
And racists for officials
We must have hope they say
We must persevere
They will be punished
WiIl they?
They took down BLM protestors pretty quick
And they were peaceful
So when will they be punished?
What about the nooses scattered on the steps
What about the confederate flags hung from banisters
When will those scenes be erased from my mind?
What are we now?
If not a wounded nation.