Ice Fishing

“Time to get up,” said Dad. Half awake, I had almost forgotten that we would be going ice fishing today. We get ready to go by packing all of our gear, checking the tip-ups and loading up the truck. We need extra warm clothes today since we’ll  be out on the cold ice all day. 

We drive to Lake St. Catherine and once we get there, we unload the truck. Today is going to be a good day out on the ice, I think to myself. We walk around on the ice until we think we have found a good place to fish. We use the auger to drill holes in the ice and get the tip ups in.  Now all we need to do is wait until a fish bites.

    I like to jig while we wait. Jigging is when you have a little pole and bait and you drill a hole in the ice and fish with your jig pole. You usually want a lot of holes. I only jig a few minutes in every hole. It is better to have a portable fish finder so you know where to fish. You usually will catch panfish but I've caught others. 

“TIP UP,” is what we yell when a fish bites. I run over and grab the line and pull, and pull, and pull until I get it. 

“It's a nice size rainbow trout,” I yell.  I catch it,  then I release it. Not big enough for a keeper, so back to jigging I go. Just like that, I hooked onto one and reeled it in. It is a little panfish on the jig. A panfish are tiny fish like perch and sunfish. I will catch more because they make a good meal. I toss it in a bucket then reel in a few more for dinner. As the day goes by Dad catches a pike, long and skinny with sharp teeth but we release it. The sun is setting and it’s getting dark so we pack up, head to the truck and go home.'s picture
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