Jan 08

The Tree That Smells of Butterscotch

We walk through the mountain forest
Following the winding trail
Tripping over pebbles
Clambering over fallen trees
We stop for water
And take a breath
Something hits us
We smell it through our salty sweat
We ask our mom if she brought candy
Or fudge from that place in town
She says
But what is that smell?
My sister turns
And looks up at me
Eyes wide and hopeful
Is it the trees?
She asks me
No way!
I walk up to the nearest
It is a reddish brown
Like rust
Pieces of bark jutting out oddly
I put my hands up to the tree
And lean
I take such deep breaths
I feel lightheaded
And she is right
It was the trees
They smell of butterscotch!
I rack my brain
Trying to remember the tree types we learned in the nature class
White oak?
I can't remember
So we look it up
It is a ponderosa pine!
I exclaim
Who knew a tree could smell like this
Like candy
So exciting!
We continue our hike surrounded with a newfound energy
And a little sweetness
From the magical trees