Jan 08


Swimming with faes has never been easy, reason being they don't like water that much. All sharp teeth and gossamer wings, the bright sun beaming down hard and hitting the cracks woven into their backs like the lights hanging off the cabin hidden somewhere down the rabbit hole. And the fae have never liked humans all that much either, and with good reason, because humans are vile and cruel towards things they do not understand, and they will always be that way. 
 It’s like walking in a dream the way the waves roar and slap the rocks so hard you could hear it for miles, but your focus isn’t supposed to be on the waves or the sun or the lights on the cabin, the cabin you’re not even supposed to know about. But you do and that’s something that can’t be changed now, the faeries can’t punish you for something you found accidentally, they want to, though. They want to bare their sharp teeth and latch them into the veins in your neck, claim the blood and the flesh like it was always theirs to take. Because you are young and clueless and you shouldn’t be here so you deserve it, the pain and the horror of watching the teeth in your neck and not being able to move away, bleeding out onto the green and mossy path of rocks and gravel that lead to who knows where. This isn’t your land to claim you know that now. 
 Not that you had the time to try, not that you were going to in the beginning anyways, but how were they to know that? Years of hiding and lurking in the shadows waiting for another brainwashed human to walk upon their homeland to try and rip them away from everything they've ever known, everything they were. Because humans were under the sick impression that faeries were nothing but pretty things with teeth and maybe that is what love feels like. 
Like faeries ripping your throat out and watching you bleed to death.