Jan 08
poem 2 comments challenge: Spoken

an open letter

(Inspired by Allen Ginsberg) 

America, you’re scaring me. America, it’s not funny to turn out the lights like that. 
America my mom told me you’re fragile. America, there’s a man with buffalo skin dancing 
At the edge of my eyes. America, I wish this was a joke. America, how does it feel
To have so many people put faith in you? America, how does it feel to fall so hard? America, 
Did you build that wall that you told me you were gonna build? America can you stop 
Trying to kill me it kind of hurts. America my teacher said that when someone upsets me 
I should ask why they did it. America, why did you do it? America, you're being selfish. 
America if this is heaven I wonder what hell is like. America, if a man with a gun came 
Into my classroom, would you save me? No, don’t answer that. I don’t want to know. America, 
I’m not going to school anyways, there’s this virus that kills people. America you don’t 
Believe in the virus. America, I got pneumonia in March and we were afraid.
America you can’t brag about people not dying in schools when the schools aren’t open anyway. America
there are people dying. America, this is scary. America, you had no problem with fighting a war
so why won’t you protect us from an illness. America, when will the people stop dying? America you 
Told me I was illegal on my lunch break, I wish you would stop doing that. America check 
My documents, it’s okay, I know you get nervous about that kind of stuff. 
America my mom says she would punch you if you took me away from her. America did 
You know it’s not good etiquette to put kids in cages? America sorry for saying that 
My mom said someone tried to throw a coup and now I feel kind of bad for you. 
America, how do so many people think you’re so great? I wish you would tell me 
Your secret. America, please stop yelling so loud. America when were you great? America 
My dad said that you’re divided, is that like when my little sister cut herself on accident
And we had to go get stitches to put her back together? America tear gas 
Isn’t a very nice thing to throw at people. America, why did you let the rioters in. America 
I’m sorry for blaming you but I really think you did it. America stop stealing the crayons. 
America, why are the cops killing people? America why don’t you do anything 
About the cops killing people. America I think you’re a little bit racist. No, you’re right America
That was harsh language to use, I’m sorry. America, sorry I keep asking all these questions. 
America, I want to understand you. America, if you would just open up to me this would be easy. 
America, why did you ban me? America, it’s not nice to not talk to people when you’re angry at them.
America, I’m not dangerous. America, I know you saw someone who had a couple things in
common with me blow up a tower 19 years ago but I don’t think that’s an excuse. America 
Can you stop saying that the security checks are random. America I’m not stupid. 
America there’s an orange man on the screen, look. America, there’s American carnage on the screen, look.  
America, I’m so tired. America, I don’t want to worry about where we are anymore. 
America, four years is too long. 
America, can you hear me? Please respond.